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Thursday 6th March 2019-world book day

Today was world book day and every class focused on the same text this year, ‘Journey’ by Aaron Beckett. This was a fabulous book with a twist and was very unusual as it didn’t have any words. This allowed the children to interpret the story in their own way and encouraged them to use their imagination. 

As part of the day, we shared stories that we hadn’t read before and ones that were special to us. We also took on the role of illustrators and drew our own adventures and we have found out that we have some very talented artists in our cohort. 

Inspired by the story, the children became authors themselves and wrote a different version of the story. We also got creative this afternoon and made a hot air balloon, choosing a friend to travel with us. We discussed what made these children a good friend and the importance of friendship. 

Happy New Year everyone!

We hope that you had a great Christmas holiday with your families. The Spring term is a really busy one for Year 2 as we are busy getting ready for our SATS texts in the Summer term. You can help your children by reading regularly with them at home (don't forget to sign their diary to earn golden stamps!) Also encouraging children to learn their spelling each week and complete all Maths homework sheets that are sent home weekly. As well as completing the golden homework to get those extra stamps.


Just a reminder that we have PE on Monday and Wednesday so please remind your children that they will need their kits in school.


Our current topic is 'The Wind in the Willows' and we have just returned from our trip to the New Victoria Theatre. The performance was fantastic and did a great job in enhancing the children's learning and enthusiasm around the story. Our current science topic is all about habitats which links nicely with this production.


Our next topic will be 'Would you prefer to live in England or Africa?'


If you have any questions regarding the curriculum, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the year 2 team. smiley

Attached below are lists of words which children should be able to read and spell by the end of Year 2.

Year 2 words

Busy Ant Numeracy Letter