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Welcome to the  5S class page! 

Our teacher is Mr Sweeney and we are helped in our work by Mrs Hallam and Mr Kasperowicz. 


Thanks for stopping by to have a look at our class page. We will be continuing to add new content regularly so come back again soon.

What's coming up in the Spring Term? 

In the coming term, we will be getting down to hard work with the following topics: 


Theatre Fortnight -

The Wind in the Willows


An exciting start to the new term focusing on the story of The Wind in the Willows and visiting the New Vic Theatre to see the stage production. 


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Topic (History focus) -

Why should gunpowder, treason and plot never be forgotten?

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We will be learning about the rule of James I of England and how his views on religion and politics shaped the democracy of Britain today

Topic (Geography focus) -



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In this topic, we will be looking at the country of Australia including the climate, the populations, the indigenous population, the animals and plants. We will also be linking some of our science learning to the problems occurring in the oceans which are destroying the Great Barrier Reef. 

Science - Materials Unit

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In Year 5, we cover 4 modules about materials, the properties of particular materials and conduct investigations into different types of plastics. During this term we will be studying three of the four modules: 'Get Sorted', 'Everyday Materials' and 'Marvellous Mixtures'.

RE: Why do some people believe God exists? 

RE: If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?