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Information for 5S Parents



In Year 5, some of our P.E. is taught by our specialist teachers, Mr Penk and Mr Meakin. The other lessons are taught by the Year 5 teaching team. Please ensure that your child has their full P.E. kit in school at all times (a list of the agreed uniform is available) and that all items are fully labelled with your child's name and class. 


P.E. kits should always be sent into school on a Monday and should remain in school until Friday in case of last minute changes to the timetable. 


From September 2018, our P.E. days in 5S are:

  • Tuesday afternoon (PE with Mr Penk & Mr Meakin) 
  • Friday afternoon (PE with Mr Sweeney, Mrs Misselbrook and Mrs Leigh)


Busy Ant Maths


In  Busy Ant during the Spring Term we will be covering Units 5-8 


Parents, please remember that you can use your log on information in order to download the relevant newsletters covering these units and different suggestions for how you can help your child in their mathematical learning.


Please ask us if you have lost this log on information as we can provide it again. 


Thank you. 




A big 'thank you' to all parents who have supported their children in reading regularly at home last year. Please continue to support your child in their reading during the coming year.


Ideally, all Year 5 children should read at home for a minimum of 15 minutes per night and the reading record book must be signed by an adult.  It is especially important during this year that children are reading at least 6 times per week. However, we do not necessarily expect that your child reads directly to an adult in Year 5 unless they are having difficulty with the text or vocabulary. Your child will be provided with a bookmark which has lots of helpful reading questions which may help you in checking your child's comprehension of their book. Please let Mr Sweeney know if there are any problems.  


Children can also gain 1 extra Golden Stamps for 3 signed reads, with a maximum of 2 stamps for 6 signatures up for grabs.


Come on Year 5, let's get earning our reading stamps! 

The Year 5 Weekly Spelling Challenge Competition


Spellings lists are given out to the children at the beginning of each term which cover the entire term. The children will be tested every week (currently a Friday) and after the test, the average scores of all three classes are tallied and the winning class is awarded the trophy for the week. Please help your child to learn their spellings to help them in this class challenge.