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Transition Letter



3rd July 2024

Dear Parent,


Today your child spent time in their new classroom with their teacher for next year. This transition day helps children get used to a new environment, build new positive relationships with different children and helps them to get to know their new teacher.

Moving classes can be worrying for some children however hopefully after today, they feel more confident and are looking forward to next year. For those children who are still anxious, we will be arranging further transition activities.

Below is the staff structure for next year including support staff. Support staff may work across different years or work with individual classes or children.


Nursery: Miss Carter, Miss Brown, Mrs Davies, Mrs Fowell

FS2Y: Mrs Tonge, Mrs Bagley

FS2G: Mrs Copeland, Mrs Ibbs

Y1G: Miss Craig, Mrs Deaville, Mrs Allen

Y1Y: Miss Griggs, Mrs Harding

Y2G: Mrs Yates, Miss Worthington, Mrs Seabridge

Y2Y: Mrs Hancock, Mrs Macdonald, Mrs Allen

Y3G: Mrs Loader, Miss Browne, Mrs Wickramsinghe

Y3Y: Mr Sinnott, Mrs Meek, Mrs Hall

Y4G: Miss Hammersley, Mr Watkin, Mr Wilkes

Y4Y: Mr Horn, Mrs Mack

Y4S: Mrs Tomlinson, Mr Linley-Simon, Mr Watkin

Y5G: Mr Holloway, Mrs Durber, Mrs Meek

Y5Y: Miss Collins, Miss Greer, Mrs Hallam

Y6G: Mr Hughes: Mr Hill

Y6S: Mr Sweeney: Mr Hill

Y6Y: Mrs Perkin, Miss Ratcliffe

Music Teacher: Mrs Locker

Performing Arts Teacher: Mr Hands

PE Teacher: Mr Penk

Sports Coach: Mr Meakin

Head of Academy: Mrs Boast

Deputy Head: Mr Redmond

Assistant Head: Mrs Beech

Business and Operations Manager: Mrs O’Rourke


Further information about the start of the new academic year in September will be coming out in the last week.


Kind regards


Mrs Boast

Head of Academy